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State Level Involvement

When problems cannot or will not be resolved at the local level, all citizens are eligible to escalate their claims to state level authorities. There is strength in numbers, so multiple citizens voicing the same concerns from the same county can send a very strong message. The Refocus on Education campaign has filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office and also spoken with state legislators and State Superintendent Richard Woods regarding Columbia County's violations of various transparency laws. We are optimistic that these individuals will look into our school district and ensure all laws are being upheld.

State Level Efforts:

- Grassroots Letter to Legislators_CRT_NOV2021 (HERE)

- Formal Complaint Filed to GA Attorney General; investigation in progress

GA Attorney General Christopher Carr

Contact: (404) 458-3600

Open Government Resource Page (HERE)

GA State Superintendent Richard Woods


Phone: 404-657-1175

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