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To the right you will find examples of Critical Race Theory Concepts and sexual ideologies found in our Columbia County Schools. These examples were gathered after the Education Presentation was published and serve as additional examples of the concepts persisting in our schools. The information was obtained from Open Records Requests, administrator publications, and email correspondence with administrators. Many of the links in the presentations are still active, and it is encouraged that you explore them to thoroughly understand the content being brought into our district. CCSD administrators claim that they are being misrepresented in these topics, yet when asked to communicate the context in which the content is being used, they are silent. As a result, it is in the best interest of everyone for this information to be made public so that the community can make well-informed decisions regarding the content and direction of the Columbia County School District.

Once again, we ask that you view the Education Presentation for many examples of these ideologies being present in CCSD schools. 

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