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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the campaign to refocus our schools on an academic education. The menu on the right provides information on key ways to do this. In general, schools are expected to reflect community values, so the foundation of fixing our schools lies within active citizenship.

- Become knowledgeable and learn to see past the marketing to identify these ideologies in our schools
VOTE! May 24, 2022 - District 2 and 3 Board Member Elections

DONATE! Our GoFundMe site is Contributions are used to fund Open Records Request and printing education materials.


As A Parent:

•Talk to your child about reporting any concerning topics at school

•Be engaged-ask questions to teachers, counselors, principals, county board members, and anyone involved in educating your child

•Network with other parents to learn what they are experiencing in their schools

As A Taxpayer:

•Request meetings with faculty and school board personnel to address concerns

•Request details of how tax money is being spent

•Ask where funding comes from and any obligations tied to it

•Consider joining advocate groups

•Consider running for elected positions

•Support legislative efforts at county, state, and national levels

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