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National Trends

To gain a full understanding of the national trends affecting education, we invite you to view our Education Presentation Slideshow in the menu on the right. Brief overviews of each issue are available in the menu as well.

While Critical Race Theory has taken center stage amongst issues in American education, many are unaware that it is only one of many related ideologies found in schools. As you view the presentation, you will notice how the themes below repeatedly appear across all realms. This is not a coincidence, and it provides evidence that schools are increasingly trading an academic-based education for an education in social values. Unlike the social values taught by families and communities, these new values are often determined by politicians, administrators, and for-profit companies.

•Equity: Equal Outcomes vs. Equality: Equal Opportunities

•Just Society: A society that is fair to all, especially minorities; belief that society currently is unjust

•Identity: How one identifies one’s self; generally used in terms of sexual and gender identity

•Common Good vs Individual Excellence

•Redistribution of Wealth

•School Authority Superseding Parental Authority

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