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Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE), also called Comprehensive Sexuality Education, is an emerging standard for schools that is grounded in a vision of human rights, gender equality, sex positivity and citizenship.  Its stated goals include:

• Empowering children and young people to uphold their own rights and the rights of others and to contribute to achieving an equal, diverse, compassionate and just society

•Enabling children and young people to make decisions about their health and access key sexual and reproductive health services

This published standard, referred to as the National Sexuality Education Standards, includes requirements such as having children recognize sexual identities and preferences, how to masturbate, how to request contraception without parental knowledge, and how to recognize sexual stigmas in one's community (to name just a few). By promoting sexual activity as a human right tied to good mental health, Social Emotional Learning can be used to introduce these concepts in school. Additionally, sexually themed materials are often kept in media centers to promote these "diverse" ideologies, usually without parent knowledge or approval.

School administrators are quick to frame this as a censorship or anti-transgender movement, but it is neither. Obscenity laws have always existed to protect children from sexualization through media content, because it is well-documented that sexualizing children leads to mental health problems. It is only by a loophole in the current Georgia law that these materials are allowed to be in school media centers. Additionally, it is not an anti-transgender or anti-homosexual movement, as it includes all sexual material, including heterosexual content.

The premise of this campaign is to remove all sexual content outside of the state-required sexual education program, which is biology-focused and requires prior parental approval. We maintain that desensitizing children to sex can only distract them from an academic education instead of enhancing it.

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